Luna Period Starter Kit Set Review

A Review of the Luna Period Starter Kit Set

These days, more and more women are choosing to use reusable cloth pads instead of disposables for their menstrual cycle. There are a ton of benefits to using reusable menstrual pads instead of disposable feminine hygiene products. We’ll give a few more details about that first, and then get into the review of the Luna period starter kit set, including the Luna Cup Menstrual Cup.

More Convenient

First of all, there’s the convenience factor. You’ve probably had the experience of getting your period and then realizing there are no feminine hygiene products in the house. By using reusable cloth pads, you’ll never be caught in this situation again. The only thing you have to make sure of is washing your reusable cloth pads between cycles. But, we’re sure that you do laundry more than once a month so this shouldn’t be a problem!

The same thing with your Luna Menstrual Cup compared to tampons. You’ll just have your Luna Cup in your drawer, waiting for when you get your period. No more panic of running out to the store, trying to find tampons late at night, or in the few minutes before you need to go to work or school.

Better for the Environment

The next reason we love reusables as compared to disposable feminine hygiene products are the environmental benefits. The average women uses an entire box of pads or tampons each period. This adds up over time to a lot! Now imagine that there are around a billion women who are menstruating on this Earth. This is hard on our world. Do you part to reduce landfill waste and instead choose reusable feminine hygiene products (check out: Tampon Alternatives).

Better for your Body

Disposable feminine hygiene products such as pads or tampons contain a lot of chemicals. The chemicals come from pesticides used to grow cotton as well as bleaching agents used in manufacturing. This can harm your body over time. They can also irritate your skin, and possibly cause an increase in things like yeast infections. Instead, opt for reusables which can be washed free of chemicals before the first use. Boil your Luna Menstrual Cup in a pot of water for 5 minutes before using it for the first time. Or, wash you Luna Pads in the machine before wearing them and you’ll be good to go! No more chemicals in, or next to your body.

Save Money

Finally, let’s talk money. This box of pads or tampons every single month adds up! Some women with heavy flows use even more than this, which can get expensive. Cloth pads are generally priced at around $5 per pad and they can last for years. Over the medium to long-term, you’ll save a significant amount of money on feminine hygiene products by opting for reusable cloth pads.

The Luna Menstrual Cup, if bought by itself costs under $20 USD. This means that in only a few months, you’ll have recouped your costs. We love saving money here at Reusable Menstrual Cups. We’re sure that you do too!

Luna Period Starter Kit Set Details

The Luna Cup Period Starter Kit Set includes seven pieces: a small Luna menstrual cup, a large Luna menstrual cup, 3 cloth pads and a wet bag for soiled pads when not at home. When you consider the fact that some menstrual cups run in the $30+ range, this starter kit is a great deal. Not only does it include two menstrual cups, but it has reusable cloth pads and a wet pouch as well. There is also the option of the five piece kit which includes only four reusable cloth menstrual pads as well as the wet bag.

Keep on reading for the pros and cons of this period starter kit. Or, you can easily get this complete period starter kit on Amazon today:

Luna Period Starter Kit Set Pros:

  • Great value
  • A comfortable menstrual cup that doesn’t leak
  • Overall, excellent user ratings and reviews on Amazon for both the cloth menstrual pads, and the Luna Menstrual Cup
  • Includes both a menstrual cup and reusable cloth pads
  • Option of a 5, 6, or 7 piece set
  • Pad feels nice against the skin
  • An eco-friendly, healthier way to save money during your period.

Luna Period Starter Kit Set Cons:

  • Not a lot of information about the menstrual cup. However, there are some excellent user reviews on Amazon, with a high total rating of 4.5/5.

What about the Luna Menstrual Cup?

We hate the lack of basic information available about the Luna Menstrual Cup! Despite looking around their entire website, I was unable to find something as basic as the cup capacity, or who should use which cup. Manufacturing is a total mystery, although the company seems to be based in BC, Canada.


Nevertheless, the Luna Menstrual Cup does have some excellent reviews on Amazon, and an overall 4.5/5 stars with more than 400 reviews. This certainly is a menstrual cup that people seem happy with. Here’s what people are saying about it:

“This cup is amazing. I used to be scared to leave my house on days when my period was heavy, but now I don’t worry about it.”


“This is a bit of a learning curve with the Luna Cup until you figure out how to insert it correctly. But, don’t give up! After a few cycles, you’ll be able to do it easily and it won’t leak like it did at the beginning.”

“The Luna Cup changed my life! I’m now telling all my friends about it.”

You can buy the Luna Menstrual Cup (without the starter kit) on Amazon today:

The Takeaway on the Luna Period Starter Kit Set

If you’re looking to get an eco-friendly period starter kit, this one from Luna makes a decent choice. However, there isn’t a lot of information about this product available. For example, what is the capacity of the menstrual cup? Where is the cup manufactured? However, the reviews are excellent and most people that buy this product seem very happy with it.

Overall, the Luna Period Starter Kit which includes reusable cloth menstrual pads, a wet bag, and the Luna Menstrual Cup is an economical choice for getting started with reusable feminine hygiene products. When you consider that a single menstrual cup can sometimes run into the $30 range, it’s amazing that the company is able to offer so much for such as reasonable price. It’s definitely worth checking out, despite the lack of information on the menstrual cup from the company.

You can buy the Luna Period Starter Kit Set on Amazon today:

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  1. Melinda

    I can say I bought this one and it works really well for me both the cup and the pads are of great quality. I have not has issues with it as of yet. And the packaging comes with care instructions for both the pads and cups.

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