Lunapads Reusable Panty Liners Review


Lunapads Reusable Panty Liners

Cloth Panty Liners are much better than their disposable counterparts for three important reasons:

  1. The price. While reusable menstrual pads certainly cost more up-front, they are usually very durable and can last for years, which will save you money in the medium to long-term. Put more money back into your wallet at the end of the month when you stop buying disposable pads. Saving money? We love here at Reusable Menstrual Cups!
  2. The environment. Disposable pads are terrible for our Earth. Consider using reusable sanitary products such as cloth panty liners or pads and menstrual cups. These are products you can truly feel good about buying.
  3. Your health. Organic cloth panty liners or pads mean no more harsh chemicals right next to your skin like with disposable products, which often contain traces of pesticides and bleaches used in the manufacturing process.

Lunapads reusable panty liners are a quality, organic product from a trusted name in reusable sanitary protection. When you buy them on Amazon, you’ll get one thin pad as well as a liner to hold the pad in place in your underwear. These panty liners are perfect if you’re looking for back-up protection while wearing a tampon or menstrual pad, experience a small amount of urine leakage, or on days when you’re spotting lightly. It’s small, not bulky and will work well for most women who aren’t very small.

What People are Saying About LunaPads Reusable Panty Liners:

The material is very soft.”

“The small size if perfect for those days when I’m spotting.”

“I bought 10 of them and have been using them for a year now with good results. Great product.”

Lunapads Reusable Panty Liners Pros:
  1. The organic cotton feels nice against the skin.
  2. It’s very small and thin, making it possible to wear it with tight pants, unlike some of the bulkier reusable menstrual pads on the market (See: Mama Cloth Pads, which are more appropriate for overnight or at home use).
  3. They’re organic. While a few reusable menstrual pads are as well (See: Glad Rags Organic Nighttime Menstrual Pads), it’s kind of the exception.
Lunapads Reusable Panty Liners Cons:
  1. They’re very expensive for a single holder and and pad. Other reusable cloth pads are much cheaper.
  2. Unlike most other reusable cloth pads, there’s no waterproof layer, so fluid can leak through to your underwear. However, this shouldn’t really be a big problem if you’re only using it as “back-up” protection.
  3. Although it’s a panty-liner, some women commented that is still feels “bulky,” more so than it should. They’d prefer a thinner version of them.
The Takeaway on these Organic Panty-Liners:

If you’re looking for a panty-liner to wear with a menstrual pad, tampon or on days when you’re spotting, Lunapads reusable panty liners make a decent choice. Although this product is quite expensive, it will be worth it over time, particularly if you spot for many days before and after your period. The product seems durable and should last for years, even with repeated washings. They stay in place well and are comfortable to wear.

Buy Lunapads Reusable Panty Liners:

The best place to get these organic cloth panty-liners is on Amazon:


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