Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads Review

Review of the Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads


Have you just given up the use of conventional sanitary napkins and decided to use other pro-earth alternatives instead? If you have, you just made the right decision! Not only that! You just made the right choice to go pro-earth! You may have had some reasons for your decision to switch. Maybe the napkin you used added more pain to your menstrual cramps because of the hassle of leaks and stains it brings you. Or, probably you were feeling guilty already for contributing waste to the landfill. Whatever your reason is, it’s never too late for the change. In fact, you are given numerous options for a green alternative to your period product. One good option is a reusable menstrual cloth pad. This guarantees you protection from allergic reactions, more savings and above all, not contributing waste to the landfill.

Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads for Heavy Flow

The Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads are a great option for woman with heavy flow during their period. With an almost perfect rating of 4.9/5 stars on Amazon, this product is designed for women who bleed profusely. For just a little over $30, this set comes with 5 reusable cloth pads that are all made of bamboo. Its five-layer feature ensures the user’s protection especially during heavy flow days. This way, any woman opting for this product is offered total comfort and lessens the painful cramps. Aside from the multilayer protection, these Majestic Diva cloth pads are washable so there’s no need to buy another set for the next period cycle.

Not just for menstruation

Here’s another good thing about the Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads. It is not just for menstruating women. Mothers who just gave birth and are suffering from postpartum bleeding can use the pads too. Even those who have urinary incontinence can rely on this product too. Aside from the layers and layers of protection, each pad is 11 inches long, so there is no way for the blood or urine to leak. With these protective features, even those who have urinary issues and pregnancy-bleeding need not spend for the expensive disposables that are even chemically formulated.

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What People are Saying About the Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads:

“This is such a great product! These are my first eco-friendly reusable pads and I am in love with them.”

“I have been looking for a more earth friendly solution and these Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads are it. They are comfortable and the five layers of cloth, give me confidence that I won’t have any accidents on my heavy flow days!”

“This is an excellent idea that we should all support. These pads are earth-friendly, not to mention economical, as well. Far healthier than tampons now that toxic shock is back in the news.”

“These pads are a great alternative in reducing landfill and saving money every month. They are super comfortable and absorbent.”

The Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads Pros:


  • Five-layer protection to guarantee no-leaks and stains
  • Made of Bamboo so each pad is 100% pro-earth
  • For overnight protection
  • Each pack comes with 5 pcs.
  • With charcoal absorbency feature

The Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads Cons:

  • A little more expensive than the others
  • Some issues about not staying in place
  • Since they are cloth pads, women with heavy flow (beyond control) might still need the help of a menstrual cup to guarantee no leak and stain.
  • It may be uncomfortable using it when not at home without the support of a menstrual cup (consider getting a Dutchess Wet Bag).

The Takeaway on the Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads:

If you want to make sure you are being able to use products that don’t harm the environment, consider the Majestic Diva Bamboo Menstrual Cloth Pads. They are the best replacement for toxic disposables. The bamboo material these pads are made of ensures you a zero-chemical product. Therefore, you won’t worry anymore about any allergic reaction. Not only that! You are able to save hundreds of dollars too because for just a one-time spending of roughly $30 or just a little over it, you already have five washable cloth pads for your menstrual cycle that can last up to five years.

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