Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Overnight Pads

A Review of Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Overnight Pads

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Overnight Pads

Chlorine Free maxi pads make an excellent choice for the following reasons:

  • They’re great for sensitive skin because they don’t contain the harsh chemicals that regular menstrual pads have. These seventh generation chlorine free maxi pads don’t contain scents or dyes that can cause skin irritation.
  • Chlorinated toxins can pollute air, soil and water. Chlorine free maxi pads are a great choice for the environment and help protect our Earth for future generations.
  • Seventh Generation pads are packaged in fully recycled materials.

You can easily get Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Maxi Pads on Amazon. They’re around $0.50 per pad.


People that Like these Pads are Saying: 

“I have a very heavy flow and these pads are amazing! They’re super long and also very absorbent. I’ve made a permanent switch to these ones.”

“These pads are reasonably priced and they don’t leak.”

“No other pads compare to these highly absorbent ones. They’re by far the best of the natural pads.”

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Pads Pros:

  • The wings are not dead-center in the middle of the pad which makes them stay in place quite well.
  • No harmful chemicals or fragrances.
  • Very soft on the skin so they’re comfortable to wear even for hours.
  • They are very absorbent so they make an excellent choice for those with heavy flows.

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Pads Cons: 

  • They’re very bulky, more so than regular pads.
  • The lack of “dry-weave” means that they don’t pull moisture away from the body as good as regular menstrual pads.
  • For an overnight pad, they’re quite short and may not offer enough protection for some.
  • While they’re chlorine free, they’re not organic.

The Takeaway on these Natural Maxi Pads: 

As far as overnight organic or chlorine free pads go, these ones from Seventh Generation make an excellent choice and they have a high 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon. They make a much better choice than Organyc Organic Menstrual Pads  for anyone with a heavy flow or for those looking to put a bit more money back in their wallets.

Priced at around $0.50 a pad, they’re an economical chemical and scent-free pad. You can easily buy these chlorine-free maxi pads on Amazon:


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