BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads Review


Review of the BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads

Women are more likely to acquire serious illness than men. Having a monthly period exposes every woman to the possibility of menstruation-related illnesses like the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This serious disease which can be fatal is most of the time a result of the use of the conventional sanitary pads or tampons. These period products contain chemicals that can possibly lead to TSS. Thank Heavens for the invention of all-natural or organic menstrual products, particularly the BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads. It is because of these non-chemical menstrual pads that this can be avoided. Also consider using a menstrual cup such as the Lena Cup instead of tampons!

Highly Recommended

The BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads is a highly recommended period product on Amazon today. In fact, the popular site gave it a high 4.6/5-star rating. Coming in a set of six colorful pads, this set of leak-proof sanitary pads costs a little over $25. It is a reasonable price considering its non-chemical content that saves every woman from the killer TSS. Each pad in the pack is made of absorbent and soft bamboo material for dry feel. As a result, the strong absorbency feature makes the pad leak- and stain-proof all the time. It has a water resistant outer layer for optimum protection. Not only that! These water resistant pads are longer than the usual to offer you comfort and convenience during heavy-flow days.

The BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads are available on Amazon:
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What People are Saying on Amazon:

“I have tried a few different brands of cloth pads and these are by far the best in size and price. They are comfortable, incredibly absorbent and come in different colors.”

“Great! Love to help recycling by being eco friendly. I wash it immediately when, I take it off.”

“These work better than expected! Held very well. I believe I have an average cycle. I have never had any leakage with these.”

BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads Pros:


  • Maximum absorbency
  • Leak and stain proof
  • Made of all-natural materials
  • Comes in pack of 6 pads
  • Longer than the usual pads for total comfort
  • Reusable and easy to wash
  • With wings to lack the pads

BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads Cons:

  • Those with extremely heavy menstrual flow might need the support of a menstrual cup.
  • Some find it too thin to use during heavy flow days.
  • One needs to spend extra cost for the shipment.

The Takeaway on the BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads:

It’s high time that you become conscious about your health. Don’t let TSS strike you. Switch to organic and spend worry-free days on your entire menstrual cycle. The BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads are shaped perfectly as if you’re using a regular sanitary pad. It’s not bulky so you won’t feel any inconvenience bringing it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about the skin type you have because the material these pads contain is hypoallergenic.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a strenuous activity and you have your period. Isn’t it amazing and exciting? You can make this happen if you opt for the BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads. They’re long and wide so they guarantee to protect you from the embarrassment of stains and leaks. Don’t wait for a long time now especially that you have all the chances and the time to make a purchase. Hit the button below and buy the BB2 Bamboo Water Resistant Pads today:
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