BFF Period Panties Review

A Review of the BFF Period Panties


Have you been embarrassed because of blood stain you didn’t know you had on your skirt, shorts or pants? How many times have you left your bed sheets and blankets with red spots upon getting up in the morning? If your answer to the first question is ‘yes’ and to the second is ‘countless,’ worry no more. There are now period panties created to address those issues. These special undies are made with extraordinary materials to make every woman and young lady wearing them extraordinarily comfortable. Here’s the better news! The BFF Period Panties are here to keep you company during your heavy days.

Your Best Friend on Heavy Days

The BFF Period Panties are made from a cotton spandex blend to ensure comfort and fit. They are also designed to ensure protection and comfort for the wearer, especially during their heavy days. Adults can go to work and go on with their physical activities even if they have their period. Teens are also assured of a worry-free day in school because these period panties are leak- and stain-free. The BFF Period Panties are sure to fit you comfortably as they are cut in smooth forms to suit you exceptionally.

These comfortable period panties are available on Amazon:

buttonWhat People are Saying on Amazon:

“My young granddaughter was having ‘confidence’ issues due to her period. These were the perfect solution. They kept leakage in and confidence UP!”

“My daughter and I purchased the underwear to try to avoid leakage of very heavy periods. This product works. It protects your clothes, and the blood stays where it should.”

“These panties look and feel just like any of my other pairs of cotton bikini brief panties, but they have the added protection factor built-in. Love these things!”

BFF-Period-PantiesBFF Period Panties Pros:

  • They are made of cotton and Spandex for more comfort.
  • These panties provide worry-free heavy days as they are leak- and stain-free.
  • Users are given a good deal at only around $13 for a high-quality period panty.
  • Its bikini style is stylish for the wearer. They look like a normal pair of panties.

BFF Period Panties Cons:

  • These panties are generally okay but they are small and may not fit all.
  • The panties are too thin and some wearers may not feel confident wearing them. It you have a heavy flow, consider pairing them with a menstrual cup like the Diva Cup or the Lunette Cup.
  • Not recommended for women who are larger.

The Takeaway on the BFF Period Panties:

The BFF Period Panties are the best solutions for your ‘confidence’ issues during heavy-flow days. These are undeniably unmatched when it comes to waterproof protection.

With just around $13 to spend, it’s like you’ve found a new best friend during your heavy days! The best thing about these undies is that, when you wear a piece, it’s just like wearing an ordinary panty on regular days. It’s like not having your period at all! Panties in this collection are designed ultra slim for total comfort. You can wear them under tight-fitting jeans or skirts and not worry that it will be obvious what you’re wearing special underwear. However, because they are thin, we recommend using them with something like a tampon or menstrual cup.

The leak-free coating is what makes the BFF Period Panties very unique. Unlike the other period panties available today, leaks are concentrated in this panty and never on your pants, shorts or skirts. You can easily get these top-quality period panties on Amazon today:


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