Bff Period Undies Panties Review

Review of the Bff Period Undies Panties


Majority of the women today, young and old alike hate it when their menstrual cycle comes. Most of the time, stain and leak are the reasons why they always hate this time of the month. Thanks Heavens that period panties are invented. These are created with special materials that protect one from experiencing leaks and stains because of heavy menstrual flow. These sets of menstrual underwear  come in different sizes to fit the wearer perfectly. One frequently worn label under this category is a set of BFF Period Andies Panties.

Ideal for first-timers

The Bff Period Undies Panties are made of mostly cotton and a few percent of spandex for comfort use and durability. Since the underwear is made of cotton material, it has a maximum absorbent feature that prevents the leaks and stains from taking place. Indeed, this set of menstrual panties is a hundred-percent waterproof. What make makes the set even more special is that, it comes n bikini style, so one can still look and feel sexy even on her heavy flow days. This product is ideal for those who just had their period for the first time. Since each piece is leak-proof, young ladies can already move comfortably anytime, anywhere they are.

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What People are Saying on Amazon:

“They are cotton, aside from the lining, so they’re soft to the touch.”

“I know they aren’t supposed to be worn without any other protection but I can tell you that nothing, and I mean nothing, leaked through.”

“These are perfect during that time when you feel a little unsure of how things down there are holding up. I recently ran a long trail race with them and nothing else since I was going to be in water and not near a bathroom and they worked perfectly even on a heavy day!”

Bff Period Undies Panties Pros:


  • These panties are mostly made of cotton for comfort feel.
  • They are ideal for heavy flow days.
  • Many women claim they can wear the panties even without the support of a menstrual pad.
  • They’re guaranteed leak-proof

Bff Period Undies Panties Cons:

  • Those with profuse bleeding need to use pads or reusable menstrual cup for support.
  • Those who prefer bigger size cannot wear this as they come in smaller sizes.
  • They’re not that absorbent so they can possibly cause leak and stain.

The Takeaway on the Bff Period Undies Panties:

If you’re looking for a set of more comfortable underwear, opt for the Bff Period Undies Panties. This is an ideal set especially if you have a teenage or tween daughter who just had her period for the first time. She won’t have to feel embarrassed due to leaks and stains. Spare her for such experiences that will make her hate having period. These period panties also help take away the menstrual cramps. Usually, it’s the stain or leak that adds pain to a woman during her period. You need not spend much for this set of panties. You just have to shell out around $14 for this.

Since the Bff Period Undies Panties are mostly made of cotton, you and/or your daughter will surely feel comfortable anytime of the day during your period. Even if you’re experiencing heavy flow, there’s no discomfort at all. If you think you’re already comfortable with these period panties but you’re not confident still that there’ll be no leaks at all, you can use a reusable menstrual cup for support. We highly recommend the use of Diva Cups as these are high-quality menstrual cups. More so, these menstrual cups come in Sizes 1 and 2 so there is one that fits your daughter perfectly and another one is ideal for you.

Make your (and your daughter’s) menstrual cycles flawless without spending much with the Bff Period Undies Panties. Hit the Amazon page now and order the product:
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