Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties Review

A Review of the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties


Are you tired of changing pads and tampons every time? Do heavy flows give you a bad feeling all the time? Why suffer from the conventional feminine hygiene pads that are filled with chemicals when you have better options? That’s what period panties are here for! To make your heavy flow days lighter!

These special undies give you a comfortable feeling of wearing an ordinary panty with the maximum benefits all the menstrual remedies can ever provide. No leaks, no stains and total comfort are what period panties promise, especially the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties.

The All-in-One Benefits

The Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties is your all-in-one period panty.  First of all, they’re stylish! Second, these feature-filled undies have a leakproof patch panel, and a removable pad that allow you to stay comfortable and dry all day and all night. The built-in and removable patches are put in place to give you a hassle-free menstrual cycle. Unlike some of the other brands, the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties are available in a number of different sizes.

With just around $40 to spend, you can already own one of the most trusted brands in period panties. The 2XS to large sizes have a free Maxi Insert for each panty. The XL to 3XL sizes, on the other hand, have a long insert included. The inserts are designed detachable for overnight use during heavy menstrual flow or during postpartum bleeding. They are also ideal for incontinence issues.

You can purchase the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties on Amazon:


Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties Pros:


  • The panties come in different sizes from XXS to 3XL.
  • Has built-in and removable patches for heavier menstrual flow, profuse bleeding and urinary continence
  • Leakproof patches comfort allow all day and night
  • Made of organic material so it’s guaranteed safe in the skin.

Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties Cons:

  • The detachable patches may be uncomfortable for the wearer when inserted.
  • A little expensive for those on a tight budget.
  • For those whose menstrual flow is too heavy, possible leaks may happen so a menstrual cup is recommended.

The Takeaway on these Organic Period Panties:

The Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties are among the most reliable brands in period panties today. While a few people may find them expensive at around $40, more and more women feel the organic period panties are worth their money. A one-time spending for a few dollars is far better than purchasing pads and tampons every month. Even if you decide to use the Lunapanties as a back-up for a menstrual cup, you still get ample savings.

There’s another good thing about opting for the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties. Whatever your size is, you will never feel intimidated. For the small and slender women and young ladies, there are the 2XS, XS, and S sizes for you. And those who prefer bigger sizes, there are the L, XL, 2XL and 3XL sizes for you to choose from. This means that, there’s no reason for you not to feel comfortable when wearing underwear by Lunapads. The organic or non-chemical elements in this product even add to the convenience you are provided.

Shop now on Amazon and feel the total comfort wearing the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties:


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