Newstep Sanitary Panties Review


Review of the Newstep Sanitary Panties

A lot of young ladies nowadays are apprehensive about menstruation. Whether they’re already having theirs but are just new to experience, or they’ve never had their period yet, there surely is a feeling of hesitation about it. The main cause for this is leak or stain. Who won’t hesitate when all the leaks and stains can bring one is embarrassment? Luckily, period panties, specifically the Newstep Sanitary Panties are invented. They are now made available to make the wearer feel comfortable all the time. These special underwear sets promise a worry-free menstrual cycle because of the protection and comfort their material contents provide.

The Newstep Sanitary Panties come in a pack of four pieces of panties. They are very affordable at just around $20 including free returns, whatever reasons they have. Each panty in the set is guaranteed breathable and waterproof for leak prevention. Therefore, young ladies out there will feel more confident even if they have their period. What makes the products leak proof is their material which is mostly made of cotton and this cotton is the one offering maximum absorbency. Coming in various size, whatever one chooses, there surely is, one panty that suits her perfectly.

The Newstep Sanitary Panties are available on Amazon:
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What People are Saying on Amazon:

“My Daughter tried these on and said the panties were soft and smooth. She told me the fit was perfect but a little hot at night.”

“This fits just right. I’m usually in between a size 6 and 8. The only thing is it’s inconvenient to handwash but not a big deal.”

“I got them for great niece. I waned to prevent accidents while she’s in school. Working out just fine for her.”

Newstep Sanitary Panties Pros:


  • Panties designed specifically for women during their menstrual cycle.
  • The underwear set is leak proof and waterproof for leak and stain prevention.
  • This set of panties is made mostly of cotton for maximum absorbency.
  • Each pack comes with four (4) panties.
  • Each set is affordable at around $20.
  • The underwear set has soft, cottony feel.

Newstep Sanitary Panties Cons:

  • It is still best to wear the panties with sanitary pads or reusable menstrual cups for support.
  • They are high-waist panties so those who are fond of wearing low-waist bottoms cannot wear them.
  • There is a tendency for the pads to be displaced so be sure to opt for the one that fits perfectly.
  • There may be limited colors available.

The Takeaway on the Newstep Sanitary Panties:

Help your teenage daughter (or even tween) overcome her fear with menstruation. Consider buying her a set of Newstep Sanitary Panties. This will make her feel more comfortable because no leaks or stains are likely to occur when they wear a piece. More so, since each panty has maximum absorbency, the young lady at home is sure to move freely anytime, anywhere she is minus all the worries. She can even wear light-colored outfits because the spandex and cotton the underwear contains prevents the spots in the skirt, pants or shorts. You could also consider introducing her to a menstrual cup. These are eco-friendly tampon alternatives that have a ton of benefits.

All it takes is around $20 to guarantee your daughter’s comfort and convenience. The Newstep Sanitary Panties are designed specifically for menstruating women, young and old alike. She can move freely because of the breathable feature this set of panties has. If total protection is what you are looking for in a period panty, this is undoubtedly a perfect choice. Hit the button below, be led to the Amazon page and purchase the Newstep Sanitary Panties today:
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