Pantiepads Disposable Panties Review


A Review of the Pantiepads Disposable Panties

Blood stains in outfits and bed sheets.  This is a common problem of most women today whenever they have their menstruation, specifically during heavy-flow days. Because of this, makers of products for women have come out with items to make their heavy days not so terrible. That’s when and why period panties have been invented. They are created to make every woman feel comfortable even if she’s bleeding profoundly. More and more ladies opt for these special undies nowadays because of its no-leak feature. Among the best-sellers in the market today are the Pantiepads Disposable Panties.

12-Hour Protection Period Panties

The Pantiepads Disposable Panties are created with 12-hour protection all day and all night. This means no more sleepless nights for the ladies, especially that each pad provides a naturally fresh feeling. The attractive style, not to mention, the soft elastic appearance add factors to this product’s worthiness.

For just around $7, the Pantiepads Disposable Panties have built-in panty pads and they are sold in sets of tree pieces per pack. This means they come it at just over a couple bucks per panty. Every woman wearing this is guaranteed of a whole day of total comfort because of its leakage protection. The built-in pad remains in place too, so one is guaranteed of a worry-free day and night, too, while wearing one of these disposable panties. The best part about them is that once they’re soiled, you simply throw them away, whether you’re at home or out in public.

You can easily purchase the Pantie Pads Disposable Panties on Amazon today:


What People are Saying on Amazon about these Pantie Pads:

“It’s much more than I expected. The panties are soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. The pad is extra-long and is very absorbent.”

“Easy to use for the first two or three nights of heavy use.”

“I bought this product for my niece and she loves Pantiepads. Thank you for creating a great product. I highly recommend them!”

Pantie pads Pros:


  • Guaranteed protection for 12 hours
  • Each pack contains 3 panties.
  • Disposable so no messy clean-up

Pantie pads Cons:

  • Can possibly leak without the use of something else like a menstrual cup.
  • There are almost no negatives as this product is feature-filled.

The Takeaway on these Disposable Panties:

The Pantiepads Disposable Panties with Built-In Menstrual Pad is a perfect choice for every woman and young lady. It comes in packs of 3 for just around $7 per pack. If you’re contemplating using period panties during your menstrual cycle, consider this product. It ensures maximum absorbency, not to mention a special feature that preempts the bad odors from occurring. During heavy flows, there’s no more need to worry. There is a built-in pad in each panty to provide maximum coverage.

Not only that, each piece of underwear in this Pantiepads set is designed breathable for the wearer’s total comfort. And since these panties are disposable, there is a ‘toss ‘n’ go’ bag that goes with the pack for easy disposal. If you’re looking for a period panty that is reusable-just wash and go, you could consider the Yoyi Fashion Breathable Leakproof Period Panty or the Anigan Stain-Free Period Panty. Both of them are top-quality, stylish panties that have built in pads.

If you have a member in the family who is suffering from urinary incontinence, the Pantiepads Disposable Panties with Built-In Menstrual Pad is for them too. They are also ideal for postpartum bleeding. Shop now on Amazon to feel lighter during heavy days:


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