Sept. Filles Leakproof Panties Review

A Review of the Sept. Filles Leakproof Panties

Individuals, both men and women go through a ‘bad hair day’ when they are not in mood or if they can’t have things their way. Women specifically, have this thing called ‘heavy flow days.’ When they have their period, they cannot just move freely and easily. Minute after minute, they look back and see if they have blood stains. It’s terrible! You’re always worried that you might be leaking. However, there is a solution.

Thank Heaven for period panties! These are special undies designed for heavy flows and serious bleeding during your period. Be even more thankful because there are the Sept. Filles Women’s Invisible Period Panties. They’re a top-quality period panty at a very reasonable price. Check out the details below.

Colourful Panties in a Pack of 5

The Sept. Filles Leakproof Panties is a set of period panties with an almost perfect rating on Amazon. It has an impressive 4.8/5-star rating at an affordable price. For such a reasonable cost, one gets a pack of 5 comfortable period panties in different colours. They’re cheaper than most of the other options out there. A great product at a fair price? We love that here at Reusable Menstrual Cups!

Very Comfortable to Wear

Women become more comfortable wearing this set because it is guaranteed stain-free. Not only that! The Sept. Filles Leakproof Panties guarantee its wearer total comfort too with its elastic and extra-soft features. Materials are made of a combination of partly cotton, spandex and elastane for durability. These period panties will last for years.

Guaranteed Leak-Proof

Any woman can still dress up in style with these guaranteed leak-proof undies because they are hipster panties and won’t ride up too high on your waist. The Sept. Filles Leakproof Panties perfectly suit any kind of pants, skirt or shorts. There’s no problem with the colour one wants to wear too. Because these period panties are stain-free, she can wear an all-white outfit, or the light-colored dresses she feels sporting for the day. There are a ton of options! Pair with a tampon, pad or menstrual cup for total protection.

This set of Sept. Filles Leakproof Panties is available on Amazon:

What People on Amazon are Saying:

“This fits perfectly and are comfortable to wear. I’ve tried some of the other period panties which often end up fitting too small because they’re so tight.”

“This is such a good product.”

“They’re very reasonably priced.”

Sept. Filles Period Panty Pros:


  • Leakproof feature for heavy flow days
  • Made of elastic for total comfort
  • With a pack of 5, one can change anytime she wants and needs
  • A nice fit
  • Protection in both front and back
Sept. Filles Period Panty Cons:
  • Includes extra material inside that may result in discomfort for some.
  • There’s still a possibility for stains and leaks so a menstrual cup or tampon is also recommended.
The Takeaway on these Leakproof Period Panties:

The Sept. Filles Ladies Invisible Period Panties help bring back the confidence in every woman and even the young ladies. Wearing these, you can already spend worry free days, including the heavy flow days during your period. With only less than $30 to spend, you’re already treated to a pack of 5 colourful undies! The hipster design and mid-raised waist allow you to still dress up in style even with menstruation.

Shop now on Amazon to spend worry-free days during your heavy menstrual period:

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