Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief Review


Review of the Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief

Are you tired of changing menstrual pad every so often? Well, you may opt to end this tiresome right away! Wear a set of period panties and spend all days of your entire menstrual cycle minus all the worries. More often than not, women choose these special panties to be spared from the hassle that leaks and stains bring. That’s what the Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief is made for—to spare every woman from any discomfort that menstruation can result in.

The Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief has soft, cottony feel. When you wear it, you will definitely feel comfortable. The underwear is breathable that you can move freely even on your heavy flow days. It is made mostly of cotton for maximum absorbency. Even pregnant women and those who have just given birth wear this brief for maximum comfort.  For just around $20, this leak-proof women’s brief will no longer make you hate having your period every month. Surely you’ll always look forward to wearing this piece of underwear because of the clean and comfy feeling you get from it.

The Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief is available on Amazon:
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What People are Saying on Amazon:

“These are great. I wear a size 8 and have a full rear end but thin to athletic build.”

“These never lose their shape. I got these for a 15 year old and she loves the feel of the fabric.”

“These are the best period panties I’ve ever had! I’m usually a tampon user but not anymore.”

Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief Pros:


  • leak proof
  • all-natural
  • comes in various sizes
  • total comfort and protection
  • perfectly fits the wearer
  • holds the menstrual pad in position the whole time

    Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief Cons:

  • Women with extremely heavy flow might need the use of a menstrual cup for support (check out the Diva Cup or the Lena Cup).
  • Younger ladies might not find this comfortable to wear.
  • Spandex material might be a bit hot or warm when worn.

    The Takeaway on the Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief:

    If comfort and protection are all you’re looking for during your monthly period, you’ll certainly find them in the Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief. Even if you get the maximum benefit from this panty, you’ll be surprised of its lightweight fabric material that offers total convenience. It is so easy to handle and manage this leak-free underwear. All you have to do is wash it gently by your hand or through the machine. More so, this product contains mostly cotton material. It has about five-percent Spandex content though, for durability.

    Here’s the better news! Regardless of the skin type you have, you can still definitely wear this ladies’ brief as it is exceptionally breathable and it is hypoallergenic. Therefore, even individuals with the most sensitive skin can wear this panty set confidently. As it name suggests, the Soft Touch Leak Proof Brief guarantees no stain. Meaning, you can wear your lightest-colored skirt when you feel like it even if you have your period. Isn’t it worth your $20?

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