THINX HipHugger Period Panties Review


Thinx Period Panties Reviews

Are you always disappointed with the pad you are using for your monthly period? If you are, there are definitely various reasons for that feeling. Maybe you’re feeling itchy with the pads you are currently using. Or, rashes appear around your body’s sensitive part because the chemical contents of your pads are too strong. Some other factors may have contributed to your dismay such as leaks, stains and the price. Well, whatever your reason is, it’s high time that you forget about all the disappointments. Consider the THINX HipHugger Period Panties that can address all your menstrual pads issues.

Thinx Period Panties: Bestseller on Amazon

The THINX HipHugger Period Panties are considered bestsellers on Amazon today with their reasonable price-tag. At such a good deal, this pair of panties fully covers your entire bottom for guaranteed protection. They also offers you that dry feeling all day and all night. With this top-of-the-line product, you can already confidently say, “I don’t need panty liners and pads anymore!” When you start using this product, you are sure to start spending your ‘period’ days just like the ‘happy and light’ days!

Guaranteed Leak-Free

The THINX HipHugger Period Panties is a perfect must-have for you when you have your period as this is a great assistant or support to your menstrual cup. You won’t have to worry anymore if the cup overspills because these period panties are guaranteed leak- and stain-free. Now you know the reason why these panties sell like hotcakes on Amazon. They give you the freedom to choose between wearing them without anything else or as support for your menstrual cup or tampons.

You can purchase the THINX HipHugger Period Panties on Amazon today:


What People are Saying About Thinx Period Underwear on Amazon:

“When my menstrual flow is not that heavy, I wear just THINX instead of a menstrual pad. During heavy days, I still wear THINX, but I wear it with tampons. I think you could also use a menstrual cup too.”

“They’re more expensive than some of the other period panties, but it seems like they’re pretty high-quality. I’ve used mine for a few cycles now and they’re standing up to a lot of washing well.”


THINX HipHugger Pros:


  • Reasonable price for a high-quality product
  • Fully covers the entire back part of the bottom for total protection
  • Wear may opt to wear the panty alone or as support for the menstrual cup or menstrual pad

THINX HipHugger Cons:

  • Only medium size available
  • Not recommended for those who love colorful undies as the THINX HipHugger is available in black color only
  • It can be generally quite hard to find THINX period panties online.

The Takeaway on this Best-Selling Period Panty:

If you are a medium-sized woman and you love black for a panty, then the THINX HipHugger Period Panties are for you. You may have learned that there is one size available for this product. But this does not mean that all the other sizes are no longer available for good. It won’t take long, and every woman gets to find the THINX panty that perfectly suits her. You need not spend much for a surely durable period panty. For just around $24, you are already set to benefit for many years of menstrual cycles hassle-free.

Dry Feeling All Day

The dry feeling the THINX HipHugger Period Panties provides makes sure that you can wear the underwear all day without any feeling of discomfort. There’s no need to change pads every so often because you can wear the panty even without them! No need to worry about itchiness and rashes too! The THINX HipHugger Period Panties are designed hypoallergenic that even the teenagers who usually have sensitive skin can wear them.  Not only that, the super dry feeling these undies’ offer will never ever let you feel oh-so-wet!

Buy a Pair of Thinx Period Panties

Shop now on Amazon to enjoy and feel constantly comfortable even on your “heavy flow days”:


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