Top 5 Period Panties

Top 5 Period Panties: Your Best Buddies During “During Heavy Flow Days”

Let’s face it. Having your period sucks! Cramps are terrible and many women feel pretty gross. And on top of the things women hate about having their period are leaks and stains during ‘heavy flow’ days. Can you relate to this? If you can, we’ve got some good news for you! Now, you can already get rid of the two things you hate most about menstruating. No more leaks and stains! Period panties are designed to protect you from them. Our Top 5 Period Panties, or menstrual panties will keep you confident even if you have your period.

Many Sizes, Styles and Colours of Menstrual Panties

Period Panties come in different sizes so you’ll definitely find what suits you. You need not worry about any allergic reaction too, if you have sensitive skin. The pairs of underwear in our Top 5 Period Panties are hypoallergenic. This means that even the young ladies and teenagers can confidently wear them. Or, those with sensitive skin. There really is a period panty for just about everybody on Amazon!

LeakProof Period Panties

These panties are all designed leakproof so you can wear any outfit you want. Imagine wearing an all-white getup from top to bottom without any blood stains. The best thing about the period panties we have here is that some have a built-in pad to keep you more confident. Or, you may opt to wear a menstrual cup if you want to feel extra secure. Whatever your flow, there is protection for you.

Best Period Panties: Let’s Find Out!

Are you ready to find out what the best period panties are? It can be hard to choose from all the options you see for period panties on Amazon. Let’s explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular ones to help you choose the best period underwear.

Top 5 Period Panties for you to Choose From

You’ll find a lot of these menstrual panties online that you’ll find it so hard to decide which one suits your needs and preference best. We thought about this already. That’s why we already did the meticulous picking for you! We’ve tried them all ourselves, as well as reviewed them here on this website.

Best-Selling Menstrual Underwear on Amazon

Our Top 5 Period Panties are the bestsellers on Amazon today. They are the most practical choices too. Any of the five you choose is still the best pick. Gentlemen, don’t think this article is exclusively for women! You might want to check our list too. Then you can pick the one that can keep your wife, mom, girlfriend or sister, company during her ‘heavy flow days.’ Read on for our list of best period panties, with period panties reviews of each one.

And of course, please keep in mind that the best place to buy period panties is on Amazon, since they may not be available readily in local shops.

#1: Yoyi Fashion Breathable Leakproof Period Panties

Top-5-Period-PantiesThe Yoyi Fashion Breathable Leakproof Period Panties set is ranked No. 1 in our Top 5 Period Panties list because of its affordability. It is reasonably priced below $20. With such a low cost, you can get a 3-piece period panty set.

High Ratings on Amazon

This Amazon bestseller has an impressive rating of 4.6/5 stars. This is very high for this category of products. It is made of mostly viscose and spandex.  These period panties come in 3 different sizes to match various waistline sizes. They are leakproof undies and are all designed soft and stretchable to provide you with total comfort all day and night.

With this product you won’t even feel you are having an extremely heavy menstrual flow! Patients of urinary incontinence and women who are going through a post-partum bleeding can benefit from the Yoyi Fashion Mesh Holes Breathable Leakproof Period Panties, as well.

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You can buy the Yoyi Fashion Breathable Leakproof Period Panties on Amazon today. They truly are some of the best period panties you can buy:


Review of YoYi Fashion Period Panties

#2: Intimate Portal Women’s Jolly Bows Leak Proof Period Panty

Top-5-Period-PantiesWe’re including the Intimate Intimate Portal Women’s Jolly Bows Leak Proof Period Panty in our list because, again, it is a practical choice! Aside from being highly-rated at 4.3/5 stars on Amazon, this period panty is priced affordably at around $15. It’s made of mostly cotton and a few percent of spandex so it gives you a comfy feeling while wearing it.

Inner LeakProof Lining

The inner leakproof lining on these menstrual panties adds more comfort. This means you can move on with your activities all day. We find this addition especially important, but it’s not included in all period panties. If you don’t have a leakproof layer, it’s too easy for the menstrual fluid to leak through to your clothes.

Not Only for Menstruation Uses

Here’s the better news! This special underwear is not just for your heavy menstrual flow. It is also best for post-partum bleeding and incontinence. Protection for a wide range of situations.

Low Waisted Menstrual Panties

The Intimate Portal Women’s Jolly Bows Leak Proof Period Panty is designed low waist and that covers the entire back so you’ll have a total peace of mind. It doesn’t matter, too whether you are already using the conventional menstrual pads, napkins, tampons or menstrual cups. This period panty can be best worn with any of the aforementioned products.

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Purchase the Intimate Portal Women’s Jolly Bows Leak Proof Period Panty on Amazon today:


#3: Anigan Seamless Boyshort Menstrual Period Panty

Top-5-Period-PantiesThe Anigan Seamless Boyshort Menstrual Period Panty is yet another bestseller for period underwear on Amazon. It holds an impressive 4.4/5-star rating at such an affordable price. This ever reliable period panty provides total protection for women and even teenagers on their first menstrual cycle. It is leakproof so there is no need for you to worry about stains. Wear your white skirt, pants or shorts. The spandex material offers flexibility too. This allows you to move around freely wherever you are.

Hypoallergenic Period Panties

Young ladies and teenagers, if you just had your period for the first time, you need not worry about itchiness and rashes.  This underwear is hypoallergenic and is guaranteed safe to use whatever skin type you have . This period panty has high-quality comfy fiber for maximum absorbent. These period panties will feel comfortable against your skin. The Anigan Seamless Boyshort Menstrual Period Panty has a breathable feature for easy flow and movement. These top-quality period panties from Amazon are one of the best period panties on the market today.

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You can easily purchase the Anigan Seamless Boyshort Menstrual Period Panty on Amazon today:


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#4: Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties


If you are into organic materials, then, the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties is for you. It’s your all-in-one period panty. You are given all the benefits that feminine hygiene pads, menstrual cups and tampons offer.

First, its hipsters can be adjusted to suit your needs. Second, these features-filled undies have a leakproof patch panel and a removable pad for guaranteed comfort all day and all night. These special features are put in place for your hassle-free menstrual cycle. The fourth in our list of Top 5 Period Panties are available in different sizes so it doesn’t matter if you’re small or not too small.

Huge Range of Sizes for these Menstrual Panties

For your small (or not too small) size, 2XS to large sizes have a free Maxi Insert each panty. The XL to 3XL sizes, on the other hand have a long insert included. The inserts are designed to be detachable on these menstrual panties. They are for overnight use during heavy menstrual flow or during postpartum bleeding. They are also ideal for incontinence issues. We love the flexibility of these things! We also love how easy it is to buy period panties on Amazon!

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You can effortlessly buy the Lunapads Organic Cotton Lunapanties on Amazon today:


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#5: THINX HipHugger Period Panties


You’ve probably seen Thinx Menstrual Panties all over the Internet these days. They certainly do have an excellent marketing campaign! Thinx is becoming a household name in the feminine hygiene space. But, are they one of the best period panties? And should you shell out your hard-earned dollars on them? Let’s find out more about Thinx Period Underwear.

Thinx Underwear Amazon: A Bestseller

The THINX HipHugger Period Panties are considered bestsellers on Amazon today. That’s why we’re including it in our Top 5 Period Panties. At such a good deal, this pair of panties fully covers your entire bottom for guaranteed protection. This also offers you that dry feeling all day and all night. With this highly-recommended product, you won’t need the panty liners and pads anymore! When you start wearing this, you are guaranteed to spend your ‘period’ days just like the other ‘happy and light’ days!

Leak-Proof and Stain-Free

The THINX HipHugger Period Panties set is a perfect must-have for your menstrual cycle. They are a great assistant or support to your menstrual cup. You won’t have to worry anymore if your menstrual cup overspills, or tampon leaks. This is because these period panties are guaranteed leak- and stain-free. These panties sell like hotcakes on Amazon because they give women the freedom to choose! You can wear them without anything else on lighter days. Or, as support for your menstrual cup or tampons when your flow is particularly heavy. We love how flexible they are while offering some serious protection.

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Thinx Underwear Amazon, here we go! Purchase the THINX HipHugger Period Panties on Amazon today:


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What do you Think about Period Panties?

Did you find these period panties reviews useful? Check out some period panties for yourself. They’re amazing and you’ll love the extra security they offer you. Wear anything during your period. Sleep through the night and don’t worry about staining your sheets.


Have your say! Leave a comment below and tell us the best period panties in your experience. Is the best place to buy period panties on Amazon?

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