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Review of the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges

Menstrual sponges are now getting favorable attention from many women because of their all-natural component. Aside from being guaranteed chemical-free, sponges are far more absorbent than conventional tampons and pads.  In fact, a lot of ladies have turned to these special menstrual products as a great alternative. Some people find the sea sponges a bit heavy, bulky and think that they might be difficult to insert. However, most makers of these products have made each sponge flexible that one can manually cut to resize it to a more suitable one.

Fresh Moon Sea Sponges for Comfort

The Fresh Moon Sea Sponges are certified all-natural and toxin-free. For a reasonable price of just around $10 on Amazon, one gets a pair of sturdy and comfy sponges in a handy pouch. Rated 4/5 on the said popular site, this set of period sponges is so easy to insert that its user won’t even feel having it inside her. Since there are no chemicals or synthetics in every sponge of this product, women are guaranteed of their protection from any women-related illness. There are assured of skin-protection, as well as the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges are made hypoallergenic. This will ensure no allergic reactions or skin irritation in your most sensitive parts!

Reuse and Enjoy Sea Sponge Tampons for Many Months

Any woman on a tight budget is sure to opt for the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges. Each sponge is washable and can be reused anytime within the menstrual cycle. Unlike the pad that needs to be change every one to two hours, an individual can stay protected from stains and leaks for up to four hours. And when it’s time to wash the sponge, taking it out is effortless. It is even easier to re-insert it when the washing’s done. Although some women boil their sponge to sterilize it, it is not encouraged when cleaning the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges. Unlike menstrual cups, you shouldn’t boil them if you want to clean them (see: Cleaning a Menstrual Cup). According the makers of this product, boiling the sponge, will only deteriorate the product.

You can easily purchase the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges on Amazon today:


What People are Saying about Sea Sponge Tampons on Amazon:

“The sponge is comfortable to use. It lessens the cramps I feel each time I have my period.”

“The sponges are nontoxic/ hypoallergenic so they are guaranteed safe to use. I’ve never felt this comfortable during my period!”

“It’s so affordable, considering all the benefits it gives the user. I prefer the use of sponge over tampons. I feel more confident that I won’t have any stains or leak using it. And I also like how good it is for the environment.”

The Fresh Moon Sea Sponges Pros:


  • One of the most affordable sea sponge brands
  • 100% natural
  • Washable
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to insert
  • Hypoallergenic

The Fresh Moon Sea Sponges Cons:

  • May take a while to get used to it
  • May still need a pad during heavy flow days (consider Cloth Menstrual Pads)
  • Might be inconvenient to wash especially in public toilets

The Takeaway on the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges:

If you want to make sure you’re choosing the right sponge for an alternative period product, choose the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges. Countless women have already opted for this non-chemical, hypoallergenic product because of the total convenience it offers. You are not the only one benefiting from the use of the sea sponge. The environment gets to benefit too! Because this product is washable and reusable for more than six months, you don’t have to add waste to the landfill. This means you are able to help save the environment.

Be a savior to Mother Earth now and start using an all-natural period product. Shop on Amazon today to try the Fresh Moon Sea Sponges:


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