Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge Tampon Review


Review of the Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge Tampon

Sponges are not just for dishwashing. They can be for heavy menstrual flow too. These special kinds of period products function as tampons, too. Like tampons, they are inserted into the vagina. Since these tampons are made of sponge, they can absorb more than the conventional tampons.

Many women prefer the sponge because, aside from their non-chemical materials, they are reusable and more economical. One just has to simply rinse out the blood from each sponge and reinsert for continued use. Sponges are certainly a practical choice especially that they last for six to 12 months when consistently used.

Strong Absorbent Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge

The Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge is one of the two most popular menstrual sponge brands available in the market today. Compared to the conventional and other organic tampons, this product is a bit more expensive at around $20 on Amazon per pack of two. It has a high 4.1/5-star rating, making it a best-selling product in the organic tampons category. The sponges come in different sizes to ensure the user total comfort. It has an extra-strong absorbent feature so that women need not worry about leaks and stains.

Reusable Organic Tampons

The Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge is worth your $20 as you can use each sponge for six months to one year. It is so easy to manage the cleaning of this specialty period product. It can be simply rinsed through running water from the faucet. Some people recommend for a 10-minute boiling to keep the sponge sterilized prior to use, similar to how you would clean a menstrual cup. However, this may possibly shorten the sponge’s lifespan. Simply washing is enough to clean and reuse the Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge.

The sponges may appear a bit big and bulky but they are actually comfortable. In fact, some of the users confess to inserting two sponges at the same time during their heavy-flow days. You can easily get these top-quality organic tampons on Amazon today:


What People are Saying About the Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge:

“I can’t explain how much I love these! As someone who has been searching and searching for the perfect ‘green’ alternative to traditional pads and tampons, I have finally found it!”

“You can actually wear sea sponge tampons during sex! It’s a total game changer. A couple of times I forgot to tell my partner I was on my period but he never noticed.”

“I just want to say that this product has been a life saver for my marriage! I use this product every single day. I save money on tampons, and when my husband and I have sex it’s not messy. Neither of us can feel the sponge either.”

The Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge Pros:


  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes in different sizes to fit anyone
  • Can be worn during sex
  • Very comfortable to wear, unlike some tampons
  • All-natural

The Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge Cons:

  • The sponge shape and material may not be comfortable for all.
  • Might need support from menstrual cups or pads during heavy flow
  • Some still find it uncomfortable during sex with partner.
  • A bit expensive

The Takeaway on the Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge:

Why skip sex when you can actually have it with your partner anytime you want even during your period? Yes, you read it right! With a Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge (or two) inserted in you, you can always make your significant other happy and satisfied in bed without him even noticing you actually have your period!

Since it comes in different sizes, this sponge is sure to perfectly fit you. Aside from total comfort, you are also assured of the non-chemical content this product has. You may find it more expensive than traditional tampons. However, since the sponge is reusable and can last for months you will realize it is much more practical.

Forget about breaks from sex because of your period. Purchase the Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge today and spend all happy days with your partner as if you’re not having your period at all. Sex during your period? It really is possible! Check out this popular product on Amazon today:


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