Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons Review

Review of the Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons


Conventional tampons contain harmful chemicals and pesticides from the cotton used in them, as well as from the manufacturing process (see: Are tampons dangerous?). It just makes sense to use organic ones if possible. After all, you’re inserting them into your body! Of course we should try to minimize the chemicals in our bodies as much as possible.

Worry-Free Cycle with the Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons

Start using organic tampons on your next menstrual cycle. An ideal options is the Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons. You are guaranteed of a worry-free period cycle using this product as it is certified all-organic. For just around $20 on Amazon, you get a pack of three comfortable tampons. You can definitely rely on these pure-cotton period products as they are highly recommended by this popular site. In fact, Amazon gave Natracare a high 4.6/5-star rating for its strong absorbency feature and promise of total protection.

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What People are Saying About the Natracare Organic Tampons:

“After using them for a cycle, I am a huge fan! The have a string and applicator very similar to that of regular Tampax.”

“These tampons may have different colour, smell and texture, but it’s nothing unpleasant. They’re just regular tampons, minus the chemicals”

“I love these tampons! I’ve been using them for about 3 cycles now and find they work better than conventional ones. I purchased the regular and find the absorbency to be good enough for me.”

“These are a great alternative to traditional, bleached tampons. They work like all the regular brands, but I feel better about using them.”

The Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons pros:


  • All-organic cotton
  • Guaranteed chemical-free
  • Strong absorbency feature
  • Comfortable to wear

The Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons Cons:

  • Some complaints about difficulty in using the applicator
  • A few issues with comfort and absorbency
  • Hard to insert according to some
  • Some find the product strange in smell and color.

The Takeaway on the Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons:

Switch to the Natracare Organic All-Cotton Tampons for your safety and protection. You actually get more benefits from these natural products than your own wellbeing. You also get huge savings since you need not change frequently with each tampon. More so, since the product is 100% organic, it is eco-friendly. This means that, each time you buy a set, you are able to help save the environment, too.

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