Natural Sea Tampons Review


Review of Natural Sea Tampons

The use of organic period products is non-debatable. There’s no way a woman is on the losing end if she uses a zero-chemical, hypoallergenic tampon. A lot of women nowadays have opted for the sea sponge-type tampons. Aside from the fact that they are far more absorbent than any other product, sponges are eco-friendly. They can be an all-organic substitute to conventional tampons and pads.

Experts say that the menstrual sponges are absolutely safe to use. According to some women, if learning how to insert and use tampon may take about half-an-hour, first-time insertion of a sponge is a little bit easier and more effortless.

Natural Sea Tampons as a great renewable resource

Many women today opt for the Natural Sea Tampons because they are considered a great recyclable resource. To date, this sea sponge tampon has an impressively high 4.6/5-star rating on Amazon. With just around $25 to spend plus free shipping, this product is made of guaranteed organic materials, particularly the sea sponges. Any user need not worry about any allergic reaction because the sponge contains all-natural tea tree oil. This non-chemical component serves as an antiseptic and lubricant for total comfort. A woman gets to save more money with the Natural Sea Tampons as each sponge is washable and reusable. Not only that. One can use these specialty tampons for up to one year.

Fits all with different sizes

It doesn’t matter whether one is a small- or big-sized woman.  The Natural Sea Tampons come in small, medium and large sizes. Each size comes in a set of five sponges. The variation in size makes this product suitable for all. This brand has also become the best choice for many women because of its antibacterial features. It also has strong absorbency that addresses the leak and stain issues. For the first-timers, there’s nothing to worry about inserting the sponge. That’s why they are made available in three different sizes—for the wearers guaranteed comfort. Indeed, each sponge in this product, whatever size it is, is designed flexible that one can manually trim it.

You can easily purchase the Natural Sea Tampons on Amazon:

What People are Saying on Amazon:

“I love the small ones. I’ve been looking for small sponges that were also soft and these are great.”

“These sponges are quite easy to clean. I soak overnight in warm water with a couple drops of tea tree oil and a little bit of baking soda before rinsing them out and drying them on a rack.”

“This is a good package to get because you can find what size works best for you.”

“I am amazed at this product. I have tried better-known brands of sea sponge tampons, and they leaked. This is the FIRST TIME I have had zero leaks, even on heavy days.”

The Natural Sea Tampons Pros:


  • Fits all as it comes in small, medium and large sizes
  • Easy to insert for first-timers
  • Made of all-natural material
  • Washable and reusable
  • Long-lasting use (of up to one year)

The Natural Sea Tampons Cons:

  • A bit pricey
  • May take time getting used to it
  • Some may find the seaweed smell weird.
  • The ability to be trimmed down
  • The strings attached may cause discomfort to some

The Takeaway on the Natural Sea Tampons:

If you are looking for a natural alternative for your conventional period product, then the Natural Sea Tampons is what you’re looking for. There’s no way for you to acquire any period-related illness because this product has antibacterial properties. More so, it has strong absorbency feature that makes your heavy-flow days lighter.

If you try to add up your expenses for pads and tampons, you will discover that you get to save more if you opt for Natural Sea Tampons. This product can last for six months or even more so there’s no need for you to spend on pads and tampons every month. These sponges are eco-friendly too because they reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. If you are a first-timer to tampons, don’t worry! You get easy-to-follow instructions when you buy a set.

Save on period products from now on. Enjoy the other benefits of this eco-friendly product than the economic edge. Shop on Amazon today to try the Natural Sea Tampons:


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