Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons Review


Review of the Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons

Conventional tampons can sometimes contain chemicals and pesticides. While evidence about whether or not tampons are dangerous is inconclusive, it only makes sense to reduce the amount of chemicals we’re putting into our bodies (more details at: Are Tampons Dangerous?).

Are you among these women who still use the ordinary tampons? Then, you are undeniably a major contributor of harm to the environment. Reality bites, but indeed, a lot of women today use countless conventional tampons and sanitary pads that are hazardous to both our health as well as nature. Fear not because it’s not yet too late for a change! Go natural and start using organically-made tampons.

Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons: A Must-Have for Women

The Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons are your best companions to the big switch (to natural). This product is highly rated with 4.6/5 stars on Amazon today. It is also the most affordable organic tampons on the said site. For just a little over $5, these cotton tampons come in a set of 16. This is similar to regular non-organic tampons.

Organic Tampons: The Right Choice

The Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons set is definitely the right choice for every menstruating woman. It does not just address the issues on hazardous chemical content of a conventional tampon and the negative impacts on the environment. These organic tampons are similarly priced to the non-organic ones. Above all, this product is certainly the right choice for your body because you’re reducing the amount of chemicals you put into it each month.


What People are Saying about the Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons:

“They work just as well as conventional tampons, but without putting potentially harmful chemicals in your body.”

“I’ve been looking for affordable organic tampons for a while now and I am happy I found this brand. My other favourite organic tampons were around $8 per pack and hard to find.”

“I swear by these, and wish I would’ve started using them sooner! They don’t leave you worrying about offensive odours or leakage.”

“They are a great option. What more can I say about tampons? I’ve had no issues with them and feel good about going organic!”

The Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons Pros:


  • Affordable at around $5 for a pack of 16.
  • Pure organic
  • Guaranteed safe for all skin types
  • Comfortable
  • Odourless

The Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons Cons:

  • A few find uncomfortable when inserted

The Takeaway on the Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons:

When you consider the environmental and economic issues, the Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons  are an obvious choice. They’re also affordably priced considering for organic tampons and are some of the cheapest ones on the market.Go to the Amazon page to buy the Organic Essentials Cotton Tampons today:


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