Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons Review


Review of the Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons

There are so many risks associated with one’s use of conventional period products, specifically tampons. If you’re still been using the regular pad or tampon, it’s important to know that toxins can possibly be found in what you’re using. And since a woman’s genital tissue very sensitive in nature and chemicals can easily go into her body, the said chemicals can possibly irritate and cause discomfort. This then can result in serious health conditions. This is the reason why a lot of women have switched to organic tampons. They want to avoid irritation due to chemicals and pesticides that are often found in conventional feminine hygiene products.

Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons for Women with Sensitive Skin

One option for women looking for a hypoallergenic tampon can be Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons. This product may have gained a low rating on Amazon but it does not mean it no longer performs well, especially considering it’s chemical-free. These chemical free tampons are very affordable at around $6 per pack of 16.

Just What Every Eco-Friendly Woman is Looking For:

One thing that’s good about the Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons is that, they are biodegradable. Women using them won’t ever feel guilty about putting the environment to danger. A typical eco-friendly woman looks for a product that is, first, pro-earth; and second, safe for her to use. The good news is that, these tampons offer both safety and comfort sans all the health and environmental risks. There are undoubtedly no chemicals and other additives that can be harmful to the environment so each tampon worth wearing, guilt-free!


What People are Saying About Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons:

“Fabulous! These are the best organic tampons I’ve tried. I was having pains in my stomach every month, due to chemicals in the conventional tampons. With these tampons, I no longer have the pains.”

“This is the best tampon on the market. It is chlorine free and 100% cotton, but it is the applicator that makes it worthy of 5 stars. It is so much better than any other applicators on the market. Try them out and I think you’ll agree.”

“These are great and I love knowing I am using a chemical-free tampon! They don’t have any chemicals or dyes like other tampons.”

“These are the best tampons ever, unlike the other brands this one does not have a cardboard applicator. This brand has a plastic applicator which works so much better!”

The Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons Pros:


  • Pure natural cotton
  • With compact plastic applicator for total comfort
  • Guaranteed chemical- and synthetics-free
  • Odorless
  • Perfect for all skin

The Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons Cons:

  • Though organic, applicator is made of plastic
  • Might not be able to absorb well and a menstrual pad might be required
  • Can possibly cause discomfort when inserted
  • Can possibly cause leaks and stains

The Takeaway on the Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons:

If you’re starting to get alarmed with all the news about the environment, it’s high time that you start thinking of ways to help save Mother Earth. Switch to organic tampons—switch to Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons. These are 100% pure cotton. Unlike the conventional ones which are most of the time strongly fragrant, these organic tampons are odorless.  And if you’re worried about your skin’s reaction when you insert one of these tampons, worry no more. Remember, they are chemical-free and safe for all skin-types!

Shop now on Amazon and be saved from any period-related disease with the Veeda Chemical-Free Tampons:

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