49 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Menstrual Cup Today

Why You Need to Get a Menstrual Cup Today

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “Should I use a menstrual cup?” I’ll start off by saying that “Should I use a menstrual cup?” is a great question. A really great question. It’s one that’ll change your life, save you a ton of money, reduce the chemicals you put inside your body, and reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill. In my opinion, the answer is always, “YES!”

Let’s be real, menstrual cups are awesome and every women on the planet should have one. Once you start using them, you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you didn’t get on the menstrual cup train years earlier. I only discovered them in my mid-30’s and let’s just say that I have a lot of regret about it and so I’ve made it my mission to spread the word and share the menstrual cup awesome with as many people as possible.

49 reasons why everyone should be using a menstrual cup:

1. Menstrual Cups are awesome. Try one out and you’ll see. We’re kind of obsessed with period cups and we think you will be too if you give them a chance.

2. They’re easy. Empty your period cup every 8-12 hours, instead of 4-6 hours like you would with a pad or tampon. That’s double the time you can go without worrying about leakage. For women with particularly heavy flows, you’ll want to check out the Anigan EvaCup or the Meluna Cup.

3. Save the world with period cups. It’s a million times better for the environment to use a cup instead of pads or tampons. Menstrual cups can last for at least a year (most last far longer). Compare that to all the pads and tampons you’d use during that same time.

4. Save your money. Many people ask themselves, “How much does a Diva Cup cost? Aren’t they expensive?” The short answer is, no, not really. Diva Cups and other menstrual cups aren’t really that expensive. The average menstrual cup costs around $30 and can last for years. A single box of tampons or pads costs around $5 and will only last you for one month. You do the math! See: Aren’t menstrual cups expensive?

One of our top-rated economical menstrual cups is the LENA Feminine Hygiene Cup. It’s about 2/3 the price of the more expensive menstrual cups, but still has all the features that you’d want and need. Check out the Lena Cup on Amazon today:

5. Sanitary Cups: Not so scary. See “What is a Menstrual Cup” for a simple explanation and dispel your fears. It’s also not that hard to insert and remove.

6. Sex-possible!-get to third base without your partner ever knowing that you have your period. No more strings, pads or any of that embarrassing stuff. See “Menstrual Cups and Sex” for more details.

7. Diva Cups are ideal for active women. If you want to run a marathon-no problem! Hike up a mountain? All good! Menstrual cups can last that whole time without leaking. You can even go swimming or scuba diving during your period easily and comfortably!

8. No more dry vagina. Tampons absorb the blood from your period but they also absorb everything else.

9. Get to know your body. Menstruation is a natural process and you’ll become far more familiar with it using menstrual cups than you ever will with pads or tampons.

10. Buy it once and forget about it! You’ll never have to feel embarrassed about buying pads or tampons in the store again. The Keeper is an unusual kind of period cup in that it’s made from latex instead of silicone which means that it can last for a decade or more. See more details: The Keeper Pros and Cons.

11. They won’t leak. Disclaimer: This is once you get the hang of them and there certainly is a learning curve so give it a few cycles before giving up if you’re struggling. See “Do Menstrual Cups Leak?”

12. You can change it on the go. No more worries about having a trash can to dispose of your waste. Just empty into the toilet, wipe it out with some tissue and re-insert it.

13. They’re easy to clean. Just rinse with soap and warm water and then boil at the end of your period. Or, get something like the Diva Wash. See “How to Clean a Menstrual Cup.”

Diva wash

14. Staying power. Menstrual cups can last through the night, even when it’s your heaviest flow. Yes, no more stained sheets in the morning, or stumbling around in the middle of the night to deal with your period. See: Heavy Period? Use a Menstrual Cup.

15. They don’t smell! There’s less odour with a menstrual cups than with pads or tampons because they’re not exposed to the air. See: Don’t Menstrual Cups Smell?

16. Cut down on yeast infections. Many women report that once they switched to menstrual cups from tampons, they had far less yeast infections. A theory is that it helps keep your vagina in a far more natural state.

17. Fewer cramps. Many women report feeling better during their period when wearing them, compared to tampons or just pads.

18. No more strings hanging out. If you’re in a public sauna, or showering at the swimming pool, have no worries! Menstrual cups fit entirely inside your body with nothing hanging out.

19. They’re easy to empty. Just dump out the fluid in the toilet or sink and you’re good to go.

20. You can keep track of how much you’re menstruating. It’s easy to measure with a menstrual cup, unlike pads or tampons in case your doctor or nurse needs to know.

21. No more stained underwear. Menstrual cups hold far more fluid than the average tampon and most women just wear them alone, with perhaps a panty-liner in case of a small amount of leakage.

22. They can’t get lost-it’s impossible!

23. Perfect for spotting! Hate wearing a tampon pre or post period for when you have a very small amount of flow? Menstrual cups are perfect for this because they won’t dry out your vagina. See: Spotting Between Periods? Use a Menstrual Cup.

24. Perfect for lazy people! Do you always forget to pick up pads and tampons from the store? No problem!

25. Easy! They’re easy to insert, once you get the hang of it. Check out “How to Insert a Menstrual Cup.

26. Plan ahead. Know when your period is coming? Put in your menstrual cup a day or two before so you won’t be caught unexpected.

26. They’re ideal for traveling. Who wants to deal with having to stock up on pads or tampons in a foreign country? What about a long train-ride and your period coming unexpectedly? Get a menstrual cup! Check out: Why you Should Travel with a Lunette Cup.

Or, just head over to Amazon and find out for yourself why the Lunette Cup is one of best for globe-trotting around the world with:

27. Sex during that time of the month? There’s even a brand you can wear during sex. Check out “Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup Review.

What is a Soft Cup?

28. Take a crap with no worries! Maybe you push your tampon out when you’re taking a crap. Don’t worry-menstrual cups are stuck in there!

29. Reduce your chance of getting toxic shock syndrome. Let’s be real! Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is some scary stuff, but you’re risk of this is far less with menstrual cups than tampons.

30. Welcome to the club. It’s an elite group of enlightened women.

31. No more rashes. Pads can cause some scary skin stuff akin to diaper rash. Just say no to that!

32. Comfort. You won’t even notice it’s in there, once you get the hang of inserting it correctly. Trust me.

33. Easy! They’re easy to remove, once you get the hang of them. See “How to Remove a Menstrual Cup.” If you’re looking for a period cup that women mention as being particularly easy to insert, fit into place and remove, consider the Lena Cup.

34. Buy from women-owned, local companies. Most menstrual cups are made by female owned companies and are headquartered and manufactured locally. It’s truly a women-positive experience.

One of our favourite brands is the Diva Cup. They are based in Canada, and the cup is manufactured there as well. Their customer support is awesome, and they are all about empowering people in the area of feminine hygiene. But most importantly, they put out a really great product at a very fair price. Check out the Diva Cup on Amazon:

35. Share the awesome with your friends. You’ll have the ultimate birthday and Christmas presents for years to come. Enlighten the ladies in your life.

36. There’s one to fit every single body shape. See the ultimate menstrual cup comparison chart for recommendations about what will fit your body type.

37. Lower your cancer risk. Some studies have associated tampons with a higher risk of cervical cancer. Worry no more!

38. Tread lightly. Don’t you want to reduce your footprint upon the Earth? Menstrual cups are significantly better than disposable feminine hygiene products in this regard. The average women uses an entire box of tampons or pads over the course of a month. Multiply this by a year, then two years and then even more. A single menstrual cup reduces waste considerably.

39. Go small. Support small businesses, unlike when you buy pads and tampons from the manufacturing giants. You can even buy the Moon Cup, manufactured in the UK directly from the company’s website. Get the Moon Cup now.

Moon Cup Menstrual Cup

40. They’re convenient. Only deal with 1 thing instead of a carrying around pads and tampons.

41. Go hippy. Menstrual cups are about as back to nature, period style as you can get these days.

42. Perfect for post-childbirth. Most cups come in 2 sizes-you’ll need to rock out the bigger one.

43. Knowledge is power. Get some more about your body.

44. Keep your vagina PH balanced. No more disrupting the natural flow of things by inserting chemical laden tampons.

45. High quality. They’re safe and made from the highest quality medical grade silicone. See these top 10 rated menstrual cups.

46. No more foreign things “up there.” Forget about little fibres from tampons, or even pieces breaking off and getting stuck in your vagina.

47. Learn something new. You’ll feel so proud of yourself for trying something new and conquering it!

48. They’re cute! Lots of colours to choose from, as well as fun storage bags. One of the most colourful brands of period cups is the Anigan Evacup. Lots of cool colours to choose from.

49. Awesomeness. Finally, every single women on this Earth needs to use a menstrual cup because they’re awesome.

Trust me. Try out a menstrual cup today and you won’t regret it.

Don’t know which menstrual cup to choose? The Diva Cup is the oldest, most established and well known one out there. You certainly can’t go wrong with one of them:

Full Diva Cup Review

Ready to Buy a Menstrual Cup?

If you’re looking to get yourself a menstrual cup, you’ve most certainly come to the right place. We have no-nonsense reviews that give you the straight facts to help you decide which period cup is right for your body. Here’s where to start:

Top 5 Menstrual Cup Brands– Just the top-quality, well-designed ones that will get you started off on the right foot on your journey to menstrual cup awesome.

Or, just head on over to Amazon and get yourself our top-rated cup, the Diva Cup. Made in Canada, it’s a great cup at a reasonable price.


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