What’s the Best Menstrual Cup? Choose the Right One for You


What’s the Best Menstrual Cup?

There are innumerable variations in menstrual cups, which make it quite challenging to determine the best menstrual cup for you. Though there are different opinions and user experiences, some of the top menstrual cup brands include the DivaCup, Lunette Cup, Anigan EvaCup (made in the USA), Keeper and MoonCup, Iris Cup,FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup and more.

The best brands are much safer, as they only use medical grade silicon to make these cups. See: FDA approved menstrual cups for more details. It’s not easy to achieve FDA approval for a product. By choosing a menstrual cup from this list, you’ll be assured of safety and quality.

Choose the Period Cup Which is Best for You

There are several factors you must consider about yourself, apart from assessing your needs, before you identify the best menstrual cup for you. Here are some such factors:

Sizes of menstrual cups: Most of the best brands of menstrual cups offer two different sizes:

Small size for women who have never delivered babies and who are under 30 years. These menstrual cups are smaller in size and easier to insert and remove. They are not recommended for those with particularly heavy flow however.

For example, the Small Diva Cup, or the Small Moon Cup.

Large size for women who have a mature body and/or those with a heavy menstrual flow; these are usually for women who have already delivered a baby, and are above 30 years old. They are larger and can be a bit more difficult to insert and remove.

For example, the Large Diva Cup, or the Large Lunette Cup.

Understand Your Body and its Needs

Every individual has a body anatomy that’s different from another. Though all top menstrual cup brands offer different sizes and shapes of menstrual cups, there are certain details you must consider such as:

Length and Diameter

The length and diameter of menstrual cups vary between brands. The length of the cups (including the stem) could range anywhere between 1.5” and 3.07”, whereas the diameter could vary between 1.2” and 1.8”. Hence, understand how low or high your cervix is and how big your vaginal canal is before you buy a menstrual cup. See this menstrual cup comparison chart for more details.

If you have a short vaginal canal, you’ll need a shorter cup. You can check out this list of Low Cervix Menstrual Cups.

Flow and Age

Though most women assume that they have a heavy flow, the average range of a healthy woman is between 30ml and 120ml. See approximately where you fit in and decide the size of the cup accordingly. A good judge of this is what size of tampon you use-just the regular ones and your flow is probably on the lighter end. If you find yourself changing a jumbo tampon every couple of hours, you probably have a very heavy flow.

If you have a very heavy flow, then you’ll need a larger capacity cup. Check out our top recommendations here: How to Handle a Heavy Period.


As a general procedure, most top menstrual cup brands provide larger cups with a relatively firmer material than their smaller counterparts. This is to suit the age of the user and her nature of flow. The negative of the firmer cup is that it can be more difficult to insert properly because it has to “snap” into place. However, it can reduce leakage because once its sealed, it’ll stay in place until you remove it.

If you’re looking for a very firm cup, consider the Lunette Cup. On the opposite end, check out our recommendations: Softest Menstrual Cups.

Common Features of the Best Menstrual Cups

Once you have decided your individual requirement of menstrual cup, you now have to decide on the best menstrual cup brand. There are several good brands in the retail stores and online shops, from which you can take your pick. Best brands have some common features like:

They are made of medical grade silicone.
Menstrual cups are available in various sizes.
They do not interfere with the natural functions of your body.
The best menstrual cups are very user-friendly and come with a complete set of instructions for insertion, removal and cleaning.

The ideal way to decide the best menstrual cup for you is to try out different top menstrual cup options and feel for yourself which one is the best fit. Once you know this, you can go ahead and buy the best menstrual cup to meet your feminine hygiene needs. If you try one cup and it doesn’t fit that well, try another one. Everyone has a different body shape and you will find one that works for you. We hope you’ve found this article about the best menstrual cup useful in helping you make your decision.

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