The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Comparison: Which one is Right for You?

This menstrual cup comparison chart will help you decide which cup is right for you. Every woman has a different body shape and what works for one person might not work for another. To see the reviews for the period cups on this chart as well as advice about which one will work for your body type, you can go to:

Top 10 Menstrual Cup Brands: Review, Comparisons, and Advice you can Trust

Where to Buy a Menstrual Cup

Are you ready to buy a menstrual cup? Hopefully that answer is a yes because menstrual cups will change your life for the better, not to mention being amazing for the environment and your bank account. Here’s where you can buy a period cup depending on which country you live in:

Menstrual Cups USA

Menstrual Cups Canada

Menstrual Cups England

Menstrual Cups Australia

Menstrual Cups China

Menstrual Cups South Korea

The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart
The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

For more details, including a review on these menstrual cups and information about where you buy them, please see:

Diva Cup Review

Moon Cup Review

Lunette Cup Review

Keeper Cup Review

Femme Cup Review

Dutchess Cup Review

Femmy Cycle Low Cervix on Amazon


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