MoonCup Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons

MoonCup Pros and Cons

Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size A
List Price: $21.22
Price: $21.22
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The MoonCup has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon UK and most women who’ve tried it, seem to love it.

The Moon Cup is a menstrual cup from an English company that is based in Brighton and the product is fully manufactured in the UK. It’s made from the highest quality medical grade, undied silicon and it’s approved for sale in the USA by the FDA.

On Amazon, people are saying things like:

“I’ve been using it for 10 years now and have never looked back.”

“Good riddance to pads and tampons. I’ve never using those things again!”

“It was very comfortable and easy to use even on the first day.”

Two Sizes of Moon Cups

The Moon Cup comes in two sizes:

Size A (large): 28 ml capacity

Size B (small): 25 ml capacity

Size B has a slightly smaller rim diameter, but both are the same length (71mm).

MoonCup Pros:

1. It’s based in England and manufactured in the UK. Shop local to support your economy.

2.It’s safe and effective and made from the highest quality silicone.

3.Unlike the Diva Cup, Moon Cup says that their product can last for years and years and years.

4.If you are from the UK and you order from the MoonCup website, it’s less than 20 pounds and shipping is free.

MoonCup Cons:

1.The stem can be quite long for some, but it’s also easily trimmed.

2. It’s sometimes difficult to find outside of the UK, but you can get it on Amazon US here.

3. Some people reported awkward sizing-the small leaks and the big one is uncomfortable.

MoonCup vs Diva Cup

The Diva Cup and the Moon Cup are the two most popular menstrual cups in the world. Which one is right for you?

MoonCups are smaller (both length and width) than Diva Cups so they will fit those who have both long and short vaginal canals, as well as being slightly easier to insert. MoonCups aren’t too wide and they have grips on them as well as a longer them so removal will be easier for beginners. Either one is a great choice though so you’ll just have to see what works for your body.

You Can Buy the Moon Cup in the Following Places:

On the company’s website: Moon Cup 

Moon Cup (small) on Amazon

Moon Cup (large) on Amazon

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